Rolling File Storage Systems – Accessibility with More Storage

Your file storage systems aren’t just important. In many ways, they make up the infrastructure of your business. Without adequate organization and storage of these systems, your daily life as a business is interrupted. The problem? You don’t have enough space for adequate storage. Our solution: rolling file storage systems. These high-density file storage solutions offer more storage in less space without losing any of the accessibility your business needs to continue to get work done.
rolling file storageHow Rolling File Storage Systems Work

The idea behind a rolling file storage system is simple. By creating carriages that can be easily rolled open and closed, you can “stack” each
carriage against each other when they’re not in use. That expands the amount of storage you get for the space.

By making these storage systems easy to roll, you can create an aisle for easy access at any time. You can easily visit your storage room and find the file you need as if there were an aisle between every carriage. This may be difficult to picture, but just view the example in the image, and you’ll get a better idea of how this system works.

Improved Accessibility

You’ll see that an opening is created. That aisle can be easily opened for any rows you choose. All you need to do is use the simple crank wheel or powered mechanism to easily gain access to the row of your choice. This aisle will be as spacious and comfortable as any aisle provide by traditional file storage systems. Once you’re done with that particular row, you can then move carriages to gain similar access to a new row.

This system is easy to use thanks to our light storage carriages that utilize maximum leverage. Since the system handles most of the weight, you’re free to use the storage as easily and comfortably as possible.

Even when loaded with files, these systems are easy to operate. Simply use the appropriate handle to move a row over as shown in the video below.

Benefits of Rolling File Storage Systems

As you might imagine, this system comes with benefits that go beyond simply adding more space:

  • Compatibility with previous storage. The same “row-aisle-row” configuration is maintained. You don’t have to upend your traditional storage practices to adapt to a new installation. Instead, you can simply transfer files over and utilize the same system you’ve been using—with more room for your files!
  • More efficiency without sacrificing access. Typically, a high-density storage system might require some other sacrifice, like the accessibility of your file system. Here, no sacrifice is required. You can go on accessing your files the same way you always did, simply by shifting the carriages as needed.
  • By using your space more efficiently, you also save money. You don’t have to rent additional storage space to expand your storage capacity, for example. Simply upgrade your storage room and enjoy more space.

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