Rolling & Mobile Shelving Units

Expanding storage without having to expand the expense of commercial space is a major challenge for today’s property manages and business owners. But before you think about renting additional storage, consider installing Rolling & Mobile Shelving Units first. These units provide equal access to storage while expanding the capacity of your existing space.

How Do Rolling Shelving Units Maintain Access and Expand Storage?rolling file storage

The efficacy of rolling shelving is simple: by stacking shelves against each other when they’re not in use, you’ll get more storage efficiency out of your space. When it comes time to access those shelves, you simply roll them apart on their designated tracks and find what you need.

The key here is the operation of mobile shelving: with shelves that move on steady, sturdy tracks, you can stack the storage that’s not in use. This gives you more storage for the same space, preventing the expense of renting additional storage space while adding the convenience of keeping your items in one location instead of across several locations.

How Our Mobile Shelving Units Work

Our mobile shelving systems are installed on sturdy tracks. A rolling mechanism on the side gives you the leverage needed to easily roll a mobile shelving unit in either direction to access what you need. The key is in our innovative design. This brief video clip shows mobile shelving in action: rather than pushing a shelf aside or using your own leverage, the system itself does most of the work. You simply guide the shelving units when you need them to move.

This opens up the same access you would otherwise enjoy from a wide-open space. Feel free to move around the shelves and find exactly what you need. When you need to move to a new shelf, you simply roll it over and start again.

Why High-Density Storage Beats Traditional StorageBIOLA-UNIVERSITY-LIBRARY-1-ON-RECESSED-SS-RAILS

It comes down to performance and efficiency. Traditional storage only gives you the space that you’re already working with. While a wide-open storage space can give you plenty of access, it has a lower limit. Once your storage needs meet that limit, you have to look for new space.

Switching to high-density storage, however, gives you an alternative. With lightweight mobile shelving systems for a variety of uses, you can easily move from one storage area to another and customize the access to suit your specific needs. It’s not heavy or bulky to use—in fact, it simply takes a quick roll with just one hand.

Custom Installations of Rolling & Mobile Shelving

Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems offers custom installation of our rolling and mobile shelving systems to help you further maximize your storage capability. That means you won’t receive a “one-size-fits all” solution designed to put a square peg in a round hole. Instead, your custom installation will make sense for your space and your specific needs.

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