Explore Our HD5 Storage Systems

Our HD5 Storage Systems have carriages made of a special 6061 structural grade aluminum extrusion with a 5/8” retaining lip. Carriages are fully welded in a jig to insure they are straight and square. Carriages have a 1000 pound per foot capacity, 5” dual flanged guide wheels with a capacity of 7000 pounds per wheel assembly. Drive wheels are connected to a continuous 1” solid steel drive shaft the carriages ride on a special aluminum extrusion fitted with a 3/4” 1045 carbon steel bar. Carriages are available up to 60” wide and 50’ long and are custom made to fit any sturdy shelving or other storage products.

End panels are available in both high and low pressure laminates with steel end panels available as an optional accessory. Mechanical assist carriages have a heavy duty crank assembly and safety lock standard with several other optional features available. Manual carriages have a 9” aluminum pull handle. Several floor & decking options are available.

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System Control

  • Utilizes a heat and pressure sensitive touchpad to control system.
  • Contact area is large enough to provide access to handicapped and hands full users.
  • User interface provides a diagonstic display that indicates problems.
  • Carriage Movement System

  • Control system provides soft starting and stopping, to minimize mechanical wear on motor and mecanical components.
  • System has motor current protection for materials and personnel.

  • Carriage Stopping Control

  • Control provides for smooth stopping, through the use of infrared sensors: which automatically calculate and adjust the movement, slow down and stopping.
  • Carriage control provides a means to adjust the stopping distance of the carriage without the use of mechanical switches.
  • Carriage system provides a means to convert a carriage to a stationary unit to provide multipule aisles.
  • Carriage system provides a means to use dual controls.
  • Safety Systems

  • System has a passive safety system which automatically shut down system when someone enters the aisle
  • System accomodates a photo cell system that runs the length of the carriages and will shut down system when the beam is blocked, which protects personel and objects in the aisle.
  • A secondary safety: utilizes our curent monoring device which will shut down the motor when a carriage encounters a person or object​. An emergency stop button on the control panel stops the system movement.​
  • High Capacity

    High grade aluminum carriages with 1000lbs per foot capacity, solid steel drive system with sealed and lubricated bearings​.

    Lightweight & Strong

    Carriages are made of special 6061 structural grade aluminum with a 5/8” retaining lip.


    Recessed shelving mount, fully supported and interlocking drive panels,optional in rail & overhead antitips ,safety sweep and carriage safety lock.​


    Carriages are fully welded in a jig with factory installed precision drive and guide system components.​

      Standard Features

    • Heavy Duty Crank: has solid aluminum crank and heady duty precision ground and sealed bearings.

    • Safety Locks: locks the carriage drive system not the crank handle. If crank drive chain breaks or fails, the system is still safely locked!

    • Drive Chain Tightener: is adjustable without removing end panel!

    • Gearing: is reduced to require less than one pound of force to move 5000 lbs

    • Flooring: ¾” tongue and grooved sturdi-floor plywood, with 19” ADA ramp.

    • Fully Assembled Components Where Possible

      Optional Features

    • Keyed Security Lock

    • High Security Lock

    • Inventory Control Lock

    • Superior Rail Anti-tip

    • Mechanical Safety Sweep

    • Superior Overhead Anti-Tip

    • End Stops

    • ADA Tread Plate Ramp

    • Floor Covering

    • Dual Drive System

    • Electric