High Density Mobile Library Shelving

Take a look at any traditional scheme of library storage and you’ll see the same layout: row after row of unused space to preserve access. But what if there were a better way to store books that weren’t in use without restricting that access? With Hi-Density Mobile Library Shelving, libraries can keep more material on hand without limiting movement. Here’s how.

Storing More Books with Equal Accessibility

What is the traditional schematic of most library storage? You’ll see large shelves placed in rows, usually with enough walking space between each row to facilitate access. This limits the amount of storage potential in every room. But how do you increase storage space without depriving people of the access they need to find a book? Mobility is key.

Mobile library shelving can be easily moved and stacked against each other when not in use. This compresses the space needed to contain them, closing off the rows between each shelf. When someone needs to access a book, the shelving can then be easily moved again to open an access way.

This is the essential difference between High-Density and traditional library shelving. By placing your shelves on mobile tracks for easy, safe movement, you can have the best of both worlds.

Why Mobile Shelving Works for Libraries

If the idea of moving an entire row of books sounds overly cumbersome, remember that our goal is to maintain the same ease of access. That’s achieved through a lighter system. Operating each “carriage,” is simple and effortless. Someone opening up a new access point can move a simple wheel while the shelves themselves handle all of the weight.

This works especially well for libraries because it allows for more shelving and the same style of organization, with each carriage handling a specific section of books. Anyone can operate the mobile shelving and open up an access way to find exactly what they need.

The Advantages of Mobile vs. Traditional Shelving

Optimizing your space means getting more for every square foot of your library. But there are other advantages to switching to high-density, mobile shelving:

  • Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems offers built-to-order mobile shelving that specifically fits your library space.
  • In libraries—perhaps more than any other type of space—organization is crucial. That means having stable, predictable storage at all times. With mobile storage, you lose none of the organization and easily lock away books that aren’t in use so they’re there when someone needs to access them.
  • Moving around traditional shelving requires incredible time-intensive labor and hard work. With mobile shelving, shelves are easily moved out of the way with minimal effort.

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