Office Storage Cabinet Systems

In any working office, ease of access is just as important as maximizing your storage space. HD Space Saving office storage cabinet systems provide the best of both worlds. Easily find the supplies you need while squeezing more storage into your valuable commercial space.

How to Maintain Storage Access with Improved Efficiency

The central problem of office storage is that the more room you make for storage, the less room you leave employees for mobility and access. Our High Density Filing Solutions allow you to maintain storage access while increasing storage capacity, thanks to the following innovations:

  • Mobile Shelving: The key here is how each shelving unit can move and create a new way of access. When not in use, the storage cabinets stack against each other easily. When in use, it can open up again to provide quick and easy access to the office supplies you need.
  • Mechanical Assist Storage: With this office storage system, anyone who needs access can simply roll a file cabinet using the easy assisted handles. This foolproof system moves steadily and safely, opening up new routes of access.
  • Electric Operated Filing: Electric operated storage makes open access even easier while still providing the ample storage space your office needs.
  • Sliding Lateral Filing Cabinets: For easy-access filing cabinets on one side of the room, these rolling cabinets use a lateral slide design to add access while taking up only a fraction of the space as multiple static cabinets.

Our experts can examine your space and recommend the best office storage system for your needs. We can even customize our systems to meet your specifications.

Why Switch Your Office Storage System to Hi-Density?

While the benefits may be obvious, you might still ask what this has to do with your business. Here are additional advantages to using our high density systems in your office:

  • Room for growth. Even if your commercial space is currently under storage capacity, a high-density storage solution provides you with the flexibility to continue to grow your business without adding on new commercial space (or its associated costs).
  • Making room for other priorities. You don’t want to become a warehouse. You want your office to contain work stations, meeting rooms, and important business tools that improve daily life around the office. By getting storage out of the way, you make room for other priorities.
  • Security in the form of a warranty. When you work with Hi-Density Space Saving Systems, we use made-in-the-U.S.A. products. We also include a lifetime warranty so that you can be secure in the knowledge that you’ve made an quality lifelong investment in your business.

By reducing the space you need for storage, you leave plenty of room for other parts in your commercial space to grow. And by making a smart investment in quality storage, you can even improve your bottom line.

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