Weapons Storage Racks & Gun Cabinets

Few items in storage give owners headaches like weapons—especially guns. A storage system designed for guns and other weapons needs to check every item off the list, from security on down. At Hi-Density, our innovative weapons storage racks and gun cabinets achieve the maximum in security, safety and accessibility through a unique system. Here’s what sets our weapons storage solutions apart.

What Makes Hi-Density Weapons Storage Racks Different?

Anyone who has tried multiple weapons storage systems in the past knows that no two systems are alike. Some offer security at the expense of storage space and access, while others reduce security for more convenient access.

The challenge is to find a happy medium that offers you every aspect of weapons storage that you need. Hi-Density makes finding the perfect storage system easy. Here are the key benefits of our weapons storage racks and gun cabinets:

  • When storing weapons, the quality and strength of your storage materials matters more than ever. By using polyethylene plastic that’s highly resistant to wear and tear, we ensure consistency in that quality and strength for years.
  • One year, you may need horizontal storage space for keeping your weapons. But what if your needs change? Our storage racks can be used vertically or horizontally to give you the best fit, even if the weapons you need to store change over time.
  • This goes hand-in-hand with versatility. We call these our “universal weapons racks” because they offer you plenty of options for storing the materials you need to keep secure.
  • By reducing the space needed for access doors without sacrificing security, we’re able to offer you more raw weapons storage space. The access is just as easy—but now your storage racks and gun cabinets are putting more of their space toward storing, which helps stretch your storage dollar.

But these aren’t the only concerns you have. With weapons storage, it always comes down to one basic quality you need for full confidence: security.

Hi-Density’s Commitment to Weapons Security

Our unique innovation is in eliminating the space needed for doors without sacrificing weapons security. Our weapon locking system keeps the weapons firmly in place when they’re not in use—but easily deployable for quick access when the weapons are needed.

We’re also flexible when it comes to adding more security options to better meet your needs, including:

  • System security lock. You can choose a keyed or combination lock to provide an extra level of security on all of your guns and weapons. This won’t get in the way of storage space.
  • High security lock. Locking the system’s rails in place can “lock down” the storage, making it inaccessible when need be.

Like all of our innovative storage solutions, we always try to find advantages in engineering and design that provide easy access, more storage space, and tough security. Contact us today for more information on our weapons and other mobile storage solutions.