The Top Five Ways Retailers Benefit from High Density Storage

1. Car Dealers and Automotive Parts Storage

With endless tools, tires, boxes, car parts, glass, etc. organized storage is a necessity for car dealers and tire stores to provide their customers with excellent and prompt service. Through the customization and accessibility of high density storage they can do just that. With the many shapes and sizes of automotive parts, the HD series of shelving at Hi-Density combine shelving, drawers and customized trays designed and manufactured specifically for car dealers needs. Auto dealers storage needs are answered in three ways: 1) increased security 2) increased storage capacity in a smaller footprint 3) easier inventory management.

2. Apparel and Clothing Retailer Storage

Clothing & apparel stores, more so than any other retail store, require huge inventory storage. It’s a constant balancing act of having enough inventory to meet your customer’s demands without overwhelming your space with clothes and shoes and who knows what. With high density storage clothing and apparel retailers are able to store the same amount in approximately 50% less space.
From small boutiques to big name stores, the flexibility offered with our retail clothing storage solutions helps smart retailers store and accurately locate the exact items needed. All of this is done, while keeping stockrooms clean, secure and organized.

3. Hardware Storage Systems

Hardware retailers continually are telling us they wish they had found our storage solutions earlier. It is proven that displaying and organizing your inventory allows you to sell more. High quality and strategically designed hardware storage systems allow hardware retailers to accommodate tools, boxes, pallets and other hardware to keep warehouses and retail aisles organized and efficient.
Our customers can select rolling, electric sliding, or stationary shelving to optimize the specific space and needs of the hardware retailer or wholesaler. With the HD models, you can roll into a new organizational and secure plan for your inventory that will maximize the valuable physical footprint of your space, leaving you with more room to sell.

4. Pharmacy Storage Systems

Pharmacy shelving solutions have evolved with the ever-changing marketplace to accommodate the specific needs of storing and securing products and pharmaceuticals for pharmacy retailers. Our custom designed and manufactured pharmacy storage solutions, are built in the USA, and offer solutions for robot-ready or outpatient areas, in addition to warehouse and traditional aisle storage.
Shelving and storage solutions can be quickly accessed yet take a fraction of the physical footprint, when utilizing our movable shelving lines. Improve the security and workflow efficiency of your pharmacy, support growth, and accommodate inventory from IV’s to wheelchairs in the same shelving system with Hi-Density storage options.

5. Gun Stores and Weapon Retailers

Custom weapon racks and secure storage for weapons are in high demand. Whether for governments or gun and weapon retailers, our weapon storage solutions are custom designed and manufactured with security and longevity in mind. And unlike many others, our company is based in the US, with our designing and manufacturing all done here in the US.
Whether to accommodate large mortar systems, pistols, ammunition, or machine gun , the Hi-Density weapon storage solutions are configured for your inventory needs and to accommodate and consolidate storage within the physical footprint of your space.

You can view our space saving storage gallery for examples of installations of our retail storage solutions or give us a call to set up a free consultation to see how we can help create secure shelving and storage solutions designed for your specific needs.