Museum Storage Solutions: High Density Mobile Shelving

In the world of museums, storage isn’t just important—it’s everything. Storing fine art, archeological finds, parchments, botanical exhibits and more needs to be safe and secure without ever sacrificing access or flexibility.

At Hi-Density Spacesaving systems, we offer a number of museum storage solutions that utilize the highest-quality materials to keep a museum’s artifacts as secure as possible. But as you’ll find out, they offer much more than just that.

The Advantages of High-Density Museum Storage Solutions

As a museum director, you understand the need for storage that makes security a priority. Our museum storage solutions are specially designed to house sensitive and delicate materials.

Efficient storage doesn’t have to sacrifice security to offer other features central to running a museum. Our museum storage solutions offer the following advantages:

  • Storage versatility. Fine artwork, archeological storage, parchments, geoscience, rare textiles, books and literature—we have museum storage systems designed to house each and every one of these unique museum requirements.
  • Do you require an unobstructed view of the pieces you keep in storage? We can customize your storage selection with glass doors. There is a solution for any type of storage imaginable—if you work with a flexible mobile shelving company.
  • Expanded access. As your museum houses more artifacts, your need for space and access will expand. Museum cabinets with shelving are highly expandable and allow the greatest possible use of your storage space without restricting convenience.
  • Safety. Our museum-grade cabinets are ideally suited for three-dimensional objects that need protection from the outside world and from the accidental bumps of life in the museum.

Utilizing High-Density Museum Storage Solutions

We’ve created a number of museum-specific storage units that will help your museum increase storage efficiency:

  • Museum Art Rack Storage allows you to store a tremendous amount of art while securely keeping the art separate from the rest of your storage space.
  • Museum Cabinets with Shelving provide ample storage space, while the storage itself remains flexible and accessible.
  • Museum Cabinet Storage is ideal for smaller items that you need to keep on hand without losing any of the security of our High-Density Spacesaving solutions.

If your museum needs an overhaul of its storage space and an upgrade in access and security, now’s the time to contact Hi-Density Spavesaving solutions.