Medical Record Storage – The Transition to Electronic

In the last few years, anyone who has visited a doctor, a dentist, or even a veterinarian, has probably noticed a major transition that is taking place – the move from paper records to electronic records.

The transition to paperless benefits both the patient and the physician. Patients have easier access to their records from multiple institutions when they are kept online and doctors can view and change charts from any device at any time.

Going paperless will also prevent the need for massive storage facilities and records rooms in future medical facilities. However, as of today, utilizing and implementing electronic records does not immediately eliminate the need to store medical records.

medical records storage

In fact, to go paperless, hospitals and clinics have to go through the lengthy process of transferring the current and archived patient information into electronic medical records software. This process, whether it involves scanning old files or keying in the data, takes time, and means the paper copies cannot be destroyed or discarded.

That means, that there are years and years of medical history out there still sitting on shelves, stuffed inside folders, waiting to become digital!

These records need to be stored somewhere, and mobile shelving is the perfect solution. Paper files that are in transition can be stored using mobile shelving. Mobile shelving allows for more records to be stored in less space right onsite, and unlike boxed storage solutions or offsite storage options – the files are accessible at anytime to be digitized or reviewed.

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