Locker Room Storage Solutions

Sports equipment comes with a long list of unique specifications for storage. Storage should be dry, safe and secure, while leaving enough room to easily access the equipment at a moment’s notice. Accomplishing all of that with the right locker room storage solutions might sound difficult, but Hi-Density systems are typically able to store 2-3 times the usual amount with the same space. Here are the benefits of an ultra-efficient locker room storage solution.

Unique Locker Room Storage Needs

Athletic equipment tends to be bulky. And if that weren’t enough, there also tends to be a lot of it. Effective locker room storage solutions need to tackle this basic problem first. Our sports teams storage offerings accomplish that by first taking a customized approach to your space. “One size fits all” may work in some cases, but locker rooms tend to come in different configurations and layouts.

To address the unique needs of your space, Hi-Density provides optimized storage solutions for:

  • Equipment: Just as no two locker rooms are made alike, different sports call for different equipment storage needs. Storing football pads is much different than storing baseball bats. Your storage system should reflect that.
  • Uniforms: Effective storage shouldn’t only keep uniforms stowed away with efficiency. It should also allow easy access so the uniforms can be easily retrieved for games and practices.
  • Athletic supplies: Hi-Density offers a wide range of solutions to suit the whole spectrum of athletic supplies, ensuring you have the right system for your needs and giving you the flexibility to change the layout of your locker room if need be.
  • General use: Not all of a locker room’s storage is there for athletic equipment. General use storage can include everything from writing materials to basic office supplies. We’ve got you covered here too.

Our specialized locker room storage solutions are designed to handle balls, pads, helmets, nets, reflective wear, uniforms, rackets, markers, bags—and much more. This customization is what separates Hi-Density SpaceSaving Systems from storage companies that focus only on one type of design for different storage needs.

Maintaining Access While Increasing Efficiency

The challenge with many storage solutions is that increasing efficiency creates a problem of access: the more space you use, the less space you have for accessibility. More access, in turn, can mean a reduced use of space.

Hi-Density circumvents these problems with a storage product line that frequently uses mobility to maximize both space and accessibility. But mobile shelving isn’t the only secret to making locker room storage solutions work. The real secret is in a customized design that treats every space as a unique entity. That means fitting the right storage product to the right space, and implementing a host of different offerings into one solution for your space.

Contact us today to learn more about a locker room storage solution that fits your exact specifications, optimizes your space, and gives you more athletic storage for every square inch.