Law Office Filing Systems: Make the Most of Your Space

Sometimes, the most important storage to protect is information. Those who run law offices know just how important it is to keep files secure, organized, and ready to access—all while making the most of your space. At HD Spacesaving Systems, we can help you increase the efficiency of your law office filing systems by crafting a custom solution that maximizes access and security while minimizing the impact of storage on your space.

Increase the Capacity of Your Law Office Filing Systems

It starts with using high density storage systems for all of your legal files. At HD Spacesaving Systems, we generally recommend two different systems for these kinds of projects:

  • HD2 Sliding Lateral Filing Cabinets. These law office filing systems place one row of cabinets directly in front of another row, maximizing the amount of storage you get from your space without reducing your ability to access the files quickly when you need them.
  • High Density Mobile Shelving. This system uses aluminum carriages traveling on rails. Simply use a manual hand crank or an electric push button to get the quick access you need. The result: a single access aisle. When not in use, your shelving can return to its position for maximum efficiency.

Typically, law office filing systems only require one of these solutions. Work with HD Spacesaving Systems, and we’ll help you diagnose which is most appropriate for your unique space.

How HD Spacesaving Systems Ensures Quality Legal Storage

Storing books is one thing. Storing paper files on legal matters is an entirely different matter. Law office filing systems require more than just access and mobility: they need to be safe, secure, and capable of precise organization. That’s why lateral storage systems provided by HD Spacesaving Systems can offer a tremendous advantage for law offices like yours.

Some benefits of our legal storage solutions include:

  • Lateral storage expands the number of files you can store without sacrificing any security.
  • Mobile shelving allows those in the office to quickly and easily access what they need, even at the mere push of a button.
  • Lateral storage can easily be secured to prevent any tampering or incursion.
  • An additional investment in storage can often reduce the need for additional office space, allowing you to save on monthly lease payments.

Improve Your Law Office Filing System Today

There’s no better time than now to abandon outdated law office filing systems. Invest in an innovative legal storage solution to maximize your storage space.

Contact HD Spacesaving Systems to discuss your legal storage needs.