High Density Weapons Storage: More Firepower, Greater Safety, Less Space

Whether you’re in the military, police force or security, you know that the vast majority of your weapons’ lives aren’t going to be spent in training or out in the field. They’re going to be spent in storage.

Enhancing the security of your weapons storage facility while extending the lifespan and quality of your weapons requires storage units made from high-quality materials. Reducing the cost of storage space for your weapons and ensuring they are on hand when needed requires an efficient use of your existing space. At Hi-Density, we create smartly designed high density weapons storage solutions engineered to meet your unique needs.

Custom High Density Weapons Storage Systems

Hi-Density has designed custom weapons storage solutions for a range of military and security requirements over the years. With our experience and know-how, we can craft the storage units that will help ensure your weapons are safe, secure, and well taken care of.

  • M16 Rifle Storage units offer a tremendous amount of efficiency without sacrificing the convenience of the storage itself.
  • Rifle & Rocket Launcher Storage keeps the efficiency but expands the types of weapons that you’re able to store. Ease of access is still a priority—without losing any long-term storage priorities.
  • Pistol/Gear Storage keeps all of the necessary gear at arm’s length with minimal wasted space but plenty of secure accessibility.

Even if you don’t see your specific storage needs on the list, Hi Density may be able to customize a unique storage solution to meet your needs.

The Advantage of Hi-Density Weapons Storage Solutions

Why work with Hi-Density? What puts us above the usual weapons storage solutions?

  • Save space. We routinely help clients save 3-4 times as much space as their old solutions—all while working within the confines of their current space.
  • Every space is different. Different problems call for different solutions. Hi-Density’s versatile, customizable storage solutions allow you to get the very best value for your storage dollar.
  • Quality materials. You need a secure solution to store quality firearms. It only follows that the storage materials you work with won’t mar or otherwise damage these firearms after extended periods of time. That’s why our weapons storage solutions are built with strong, wear-resistant polyethylene plastic.
  • Single materials. Our barrel supports and gunstock supports are each made from one single piece of material. That means there are no additional coatings that would simply fade over time and put your weapons at further risk of damage.
  • Weapon carts keep your storage mobile and ready for quick deployment should the need arise. We can tailor these carts to your specific weapons needs, including rifle designs, MK19 grenade launchers, M2 50 caliber and more.
  • Warranty. We take pride in our work, which means one thing: accountability. Our warranty covers the original purchaser of our storage systems as being free from defects in materials or workmanship. As long as you’re still the original owner of the product and it was installed by one of our Hi-Density Certified Installers, your product is covered.

Contact us today for more information on how Hi-Density can offer you 3-4x storage efficiency while helping to keep your weapons stored safely and securely.