High Density Storage: Maximize the Value of Your Space

The real value of your storage space depends entirely upon the quality of the storage system you use. You have the ability to increase the value of your storage space by using more efficient storage systems. Here’s how.

Why High Density Storage Matters

ELECTRICALLY-CONTROLLED-FILING-SYSTEM1High Density storage saves up to 40% of shelving space by emphasizing custom-built solutions and mobile storage access. This can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line, thanks to:

  • Increased potential for foot traffic. If your space is open to the public, with business depending on supporting a large number of people, then foot traffic isn’t just a simple consideration—it’s your building’s lifeblood. The more efficient you are with your space, the better your building can support higher amounts of foot traffic.
  • Cost Savings. Why pay through the teeth for more storage space? Mobile storage can reduce costs by helping you to maximize the efficiency of the space you already own. Plus, there’s no need to hire a crew to move your storage when your needs change. With mobile storage, re-arranging your system is easy.
  • Don’t travel to remote buildings and storage centers to access your valuable materials—save time and money by keeping them right on site.
  • Greater versatility. Over time, your space needs change. Mobile storage is a solution that allows you to change up your systems with ease. One glance at the Hi-Density mobile shelving storage gallery demonstrates just how many options you can achieve with the right mobile storage system in place.

Why Choose Hi-Density Storage Systems?

  • BOOKS-AND-BINDERSSingle-aisle access. Most traditional storage systems rely on multiple aisles to ensure access. Our mobile systems allow for ever-changing single aisles that add more efficiency without sacrificing this access.
  • Innovation and quality. Every single system we offer is built-to-order, which means no two projects are totally alike. We tailor our systems to meet your unique needs and always include a lifetime warranty on our Hi-Density™ Spacesaving Systems—so you can be confident in the quality of your new storage and enjoy peace of mind.
  • Museum storage requires features like non-off gassing paints, laminates, and flooring materials. Libraries require durable acrylic paints for organization as well as longevity. We say no two spaces are alike, and our work reflects that. We’ve worked with a wide-range of clients and understand your needs. To prove it, we’ll explore each of these areas in greater detail with future blogs. Review the “Markets” section of our website now if you simply can’t wait to dive in to your specific industry solutions!
  • All of our carriages are built with an anti-tip assembly, which makes them safe, even in seismic zones. Other safety features include lightweight construction and an optional overhead anti-tip feature with stationary platforms.
  • Efficiency and Ease of Access. A business that fills its entire space with books might be efficient. But without ease of access, no one’s going to enjoy that efficiency. Consider our high-density warehouse shelving. Bulk office storage on a deckle rail system provides easy access to storage that is can be neatly stacked out of the way when not in use.

In order to truly maximize the value of your space, you need to work with an expert. Contact Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems today to learn how our highly efficient mobile storage solutions can save you money and provide great convenience today.