High Density Storage Cabinets: Equal Access, More Space

When working with storage cabinets, those who run a commercial space usually have one thing on their mind: access. The problem with most cabinets, however, is that they sacrifice access for space. To make them convenient, many storage companies design cabinets with large aisles for moving around. That space has to come from somewhere. With high density storage cabinets from Hi-Density Spacesaving Solutions, however, you’ll get the best of both worlds: more access without sacrificing space.

Benefits of High Density Storage Cabinets

Putting together a better cabinet that holds more isn’t difficult. It’s when you want to achieve more than just raw storage capacity that things get complicated. Our high density storage cabinets boost storage capacity while maintaining access with the following features:

  • Longer cabinet length. Cabinets occur in three dimensions, and we believe in using all three. Our Museum Cabinet storage containers, for instance, run much deeper than traditional cabinetry. This devotes more space for storage and gives you more use of your space for your storage dollar.
  • Dual access cabinets. The ordinary kitchen cabinet works for storing household goods. But for commercial spaces, more space is needed with equal access. Our cabinets can be moved and accessed from both sides, which means that you don’t have to dig through deep corners to utilize the extra space.
  • With the ability to move each row of cabinets easily, you can access either side with plenty of walking room. And when you’re done, you can tuck the cabinets away, stacking them back neatly against each other. This allows you to dedicate more of your space to storage.
  • Tops and bottoms. Because each row of cabinets is essentially its own unit, we believe in putting all of the space to good use. Our solutions can include cabinets above the waist, below the waist, and even vertical storage for items that can’t be folded down. We’ll analyze your space and help you come up with the best design for your needs.

With these features, you’ll put much more of your commercial space to good use and save money on rent and utilities for an off-site facility. When it comes time to access the material, you can move your high density storage cabinets with ease and quickly access anything you need.

Why Mobile Storage Makes for Better Cabinets

Our mobile storage technology makes better access to your stored items possible. Because each carriage is lightweight and strong enough to handle your storage, the convenience of access isn’t restricted. With high capacity in each carriage, your high density storage cabinet system will simultaneously expand how much material you can put away while ensuring all of your items are easily attainable.

Get in touch to discuss your space and needs and learn more about the installation process.