High-Density Sports Equipment Storage

Sports equipment storage is about more than finding a place for pads, balls and helmets. It’s about maximizing the space at your facility while ensuring security and convenience for everyone who needs to access all of your sports gear.

Sports Facility Storage Needs

Your facility is much more than a locker room. The more sports your facility handles, the more complex your storage needs will become. To keep your expensive apparel and equipment safe, organized and easy to find, Hi-Density storage solutions lead the industry in:

  • Security: Sports facilities are exposed to a large number of people, and professional sports memorabilia can be very valuable. With increased foot traffic comes greater security risks. You need to protect your players’ gear and your investment. Features like waist-high security locks and DOD padlocks are available to help ensure the safety of all your equipment.
  • Versatility: Our specialized sports storage solutions can handle balls, pads, helmets, nets, protective apparel, uniforms, rackets, hurdles, markers, medical equipment, eyewear, and much more. Whatever your sport, we’ve got you covered. Manage multiple teams or sports? We’ve got you covered there too.

We realize every sports facility is different, with their own unique storage needs. That’s why we provide four different high-density storage product lines to support a range of sports equipment storage requirements:

  • HD2 Lateral Storage – Offering twice the capacity of traditional “file” cabinets
  • HD3 Lateral Storage – 780 pounds of capacity per square foot for facilities with greater storage needs
  • HD4 Lateral Storage – At 4 feet wide and 21 feet long, HD4 offers a surprising amount of raw storage capacity
  • HD5 Storage – For the truly big spaces, featuring 1,000 pounds per foot capacity

Get More Out of Your Sports Facility

By utilizing high-density storage at your sports facility, you’ll be able to keep all of the different sports equipment on hand without sacrificing efficiency, gaining:

  • Equal access to all sports. Eliminate the need to transport gear to and from an offsite storage facility. Whether you have one sport housed at your facility or many, high density storage will make sure that all of your equipment is easy to access.
  • More use of your space. Sports storage facilities typically see some 2-3x more storage space when utilizing Hi-Density Storage for their needs. With the large numbers of active people coming in and out of your facility, more space is important. You need to house your equipment without it getting in the way. High-density storage will allow you to do just that.
  • Incredible convenience. It’s not just about how quickly you can access all of your equipment—it’s also about how convenient it is to find anything you keep in storage. Our storage solutions are designed to allow you to move quickly around your storage space. There are minimal “nooks and crannies,” keeping all of your equipment highly organized and easy to find.

If you want to expand your sports facility storage space by a factor of two, increase the ease of access, and make better use of your space, there’s only one choice: Hi-Density Storage.

Contact us to find out how we can create a customized storage solution that fits perfectly within your sports facility and meets your unique needs.