High Density Compactor Filing Systems

Reconciling two of the most important characteristics of effective filing—accessibility and storage efficiency—is not an easy thing to do. It requires thinking about shelving in different ways so that commercial enterprises can use the same space with better results. At Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems, we satisfy both of these characteristics with the innovation of our high density compactor filing systems.

These filing systems have greater storage efficiency over traditional systems, because they are able to stack against each other when not in use. But the same level of access is maintained thanks to mobile shelving that’s easy to manipulate and control. Here’s how it works.

The Benefits of High Density Compactor Filing SystemsFILING-2

Traditional filing systems do what they can with the space they’re given—but little else. Ideally, your file storage will be organized and arranged to maximize the space allotted. Hi-Density goes a step further. With our high density compactor filing systems, you can access specific rows of files simply by moving the shelves themselves. This lets the shelves remain efficiently stacked when not in use, while providing the accessibility of a standard shelf when needed.

But there are more benefits to using these systems:

  • Easy operation. The idea of moving shelving around might sound intimidating to you—until you learn how the process works. Your shelving is installed so you can control them easily with minimal effort and achieve the access you need to find the files in your systems.
  • Traditional storage fixtures are often pre-fabricated and pre-made. Instead of installation, they’re simply moved into your space. This is a recipe for less efficiency. Don’t settle for the “one size fits all” approach. By having a custom storage system installed, you can tailor it to meet the specific needs of your space. That means you can save more space.
  • Security and safety. All of our products are American made with the highest integrity. You can rely on a safe, secure installation of your system. The shelves are easy to use and manipulate, with plenty of safety features in place to ensure you have a smooth storage experience every time you need to access your files.

The benefits are clear. So how does the installation process work?

The Customized Approach of Hi-Density Spacesaving Systemsrolling file storage

Your compactor filing system will be built-to-order. That means we won’t find any old storage fixtures waiting around and try to force them into your space. Instead, we take your specs and requirements and work within those parameters to give you the absolute maximum amount of storage possible.

We also include a lifetime warranty on our products, giving you the peace of mind that your investment will continue working for you into the future. If that sounds like the right solution for your compactor filing system needs, contact us at Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems today to request a quote.