Bulk Storage Systems: More Storage, Equal Access

You have a lot to store and you need to store it in bulk. But you don’t want to sacrifice any of the other qualities that makes effective storage space so valuable, including ease of access and security. At HD Spacesaving Systems, we offer the bulk storage systems that satisfy each of these needs.

Why Your Space Needs an Efficient Bulk Storage System

“Bulk storage” tends to refer to any storage solution in which you have a surplus of one particular item to store. Companies with these needs are often more concerned with maximizing their space than with accessibility, but it’s possible to have both with the right solutions.

  • Quick access. Our deckles rail system, detailed below, is particularly good at giving you frequent access to your bulk items without depriving you of the space-saving efficiency you need.
  • If you have long-term storage needs, then your priority is on getting the most out of your space. After all, that space will only be put to one use—you have to make it count. Our solutions can make this happen without sacrificing other aspects like security.
  • Streamline your business. Whether you have warehouse storage needs or an office to run, high density solutions can be surprisingly “nimble” in their offerings.

Although many see managing bulk inventory as simply the most efficient possible use of space, there are different takes that may work out best for your needs.

Optimize Your Space

Offices with storage needs running the gamut from paperwork and files to general office supplies can make effective use of a high density bulk storage system. These solutions works best when they address specific concerns. Here are our most popular options:

  • Deckless Rail System: Simple, effective, and with plenty of space, the deckless rails feature consistent compartments left available for general office use. Because they’re not specifically designed for a specific type of storage, these systems can easily handle repeated storage of the same goods.
  • Inventory control locks: If the items you need to store vary but still require tighter control, inventory control locks may be the solution for your space. These can save on space when you have the need for long-term storage without frequent access.
  • Cabinet and mixed use shelving: Finally, our bulk cabinets and shelving function especially well in offices of large companies. Larger companies tend to have different departments, all of which need a greater variety in their storage options. The mixed use shelving makes that possible all in the same room.

For more information on these specific bulk storage systems, click over to our High Density Warehouse Shelving page. To learn more about Hi-Density Spacesaving systems, contact us and let us know about your individual needs.